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How to say goodnight sweet dreams in Spanish

  • Posted Nov 28, 2012
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2 Answers

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Buenas noches dulces sueños

goodnight or good evening sweet dreams

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I'd say "buenas noches, (y) que tengas dulce sueños". Literally, "good night, (and) may you have sweet dreams" the parenthesis indicating optional text. Also, you can say, "buenas noches, y que sueñes con los angelitos" meaning "good night, and may you sleep with the little angels". The latter idea is something more cutesy the first would be more common. winkthumbsup

  • "Sueños dulces" - geofc Nov 28, 2012 flag
  • I would say 'dulces sueños' Geo - Nice job DJ just one little thing, I think it's 'que (no accent) sueñEs ...' - Kiwi-Girl Nov 29, 2012 flag
  • kiwi you are right... I don't know why I always feel the need to throw a tilde in those phrases. =) - DJ_Huero Nov 29, 2012 flag
  • And don't ask me why geo but this is one of those phrases where the adjective comes first; it's native approved. ;-) - DJ_Huero Nov 29, 2012 flag
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