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Cuál es el equivalente en inglés de la frase "caculos sociales"? Es una frase utilizada para referirse a personas que no se pierden ninguna actividad social; especialmente personas de clase social alta.

  • Posted Nov 18, 2012
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Is this being socially calculating with your social circle?

Life in the social elite is like a chess game. I think this is what you are trying to describe.

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I'm trying to learn what english idiom best describe people who are constantly in social gatherings. Specially people in the higher ranks of society.

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Naturally, having been brainwashed by a whole host of answerers, I looked in the dictionary. What a muddle.

"Caculos sociales" translates to "social gallstones"

"Caculo" is unknown

"Calculo" translates to calculation etc. but also, labelled medical, to gallstone or kidney stone.

So my opinion is that you should probably (not certainly) be asking about "calculos sociales" which you might translate as "social parasites" (a stone is often referred to as a parasitic growth) or "pains in the neck" (changing the location somewhat) or that delightful Edwardian term that I can't quite bring to mind. Does anyone know their P G Wodehouse well enough?

Later. Or try "sychophants' or even just "creeps".

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"Caculo" is a big black bug whose very hard wings also serve as a shell. This kind of bug likes to circle lightbulbs in the night...

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So far social butterflies seems to be the most appropriate...

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