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Hace poco los estados de Washington y Colorado (EEUU) convocaron a sus ciudadanos a las urnas para decidir la legalización del cannabis para uso recreativo; los votantes de ambos estados aprobaron la reforma y ahora son libres de hacer uso de la planta sin ser penalizados por la ley.

La guerra contra la droga lleva unos 40 años causando violencia y muerte en los países productores, muchos de ellos en Latinoamérica, mientras que los consumidores, muchos de ellos en Europa y Norteamérica, son los que dictan las reglas para tratar el problema. Es hora de que eso cambie y cada país tome las riendas de su propio destino y convoque a su pueblo, provisto de información imparcial, a ser agentes de su propia fortuna.

The states of Washington and Colorado (US) have recently called on their citizens to decide at the polls whether the recreational use of cannabis should be legalized, voters of both states approved the amendment and now are free to use the plant without being criminalized by the law.

Drug-producing countries, many of which are in Latin America, have been fighting a war against narcotics for about 40 years, a war that's left only violence and death in its wake, while the countries that consume the drugs, many of which are in Europe and North America, are the ones that set the rules to deal with issue. Time for change is long overdue and every country needs to take charge of its own destiny by provinding their people with unbiased information, so they can be agents of their own fortune.

Danos tu opinión en español e inglés e indícanos cualquier error gramatical u ortográfico que podamos cometer.

Give us your opinion in English and Spanish and show us any grammar or spelling mistakes we may make.

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  • Muy buena tu entrada. Perfecta para un discusión civilizada y adulta. - francobollo Nov 8, 2012 flag

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I answered this on another thread "Is there any way to stop Drug Cartels?"

The demand for drugs, including alcohol/cigarettes/etc., will never change. It's the fact that drugs are illegal that makes them so valuable. The solution? Make drugs legal and they cartels will be completely stripped of their power. There will be no profit in running drugs and there will be no bloody wars over territory. The government (which are a bunch of criminals themselves, I would argue) can then control it as they do alcohol and cigarettes.

History has shown us clearly that drug prohibition reduces neither use nor abuse. Countries like Portugal and Holland who have legalized drugs have seen drug consumption decrease and requests for treatment has increased. (That's where the billions of "drug war" money should go).

Moreover, after a drug dealer is arrested it merely creates a job opening for an endless stream of drug entrepreneurs who will take his place. Finally, sending ordinary people to prison for non-violent personal drug use destroys families, jobs, and that person's prospects for a peaceful future.

  • Exactly, money should be spent devisinig plans to curb the use of drugs, no to punish and finance wars that are killing our countries, and by that I also mean the US. - diagonx Nov 9, 2012 flag
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I am all for it. There are too many angry drunks in this world. Sorry for being so blunt. (ha ha) I think it will help people mellow out. I drink and smoke in moderation and I take care of my father, who is an alcoholic. So I speak from experience.
Bob Marley- "Legalize It" Legalización es una buena cosa.

  • Good to know, but let's always take into account what the implications on an illegal durgs business are, many will be shocked. - diagonx Nov 8, 2012 flag
  • Have a try at answering in Spanish too!! No matter if it's a short paragraph! - diagonx Nov 8, 2012 flag
  • Ok. Me gusta. Hay borrachos enojados en este mundo. Creo que va a ayudar a la gente ser amable. Bebo y fumo en moderación y cuidando mi padre anciano es un alcohólico. Hablo desde experiencia. - whitesoxfan Nov 8, 2012 flag
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No es mi cosa, pero te gusta ,fuma! It's not my thing .but if you like it, smoke 'em if you got 'em.

  • Not for me either, but I can't see it matters that much.. - annierats Nov 8, 2012 flag
  • It does, especially if you're from a country that's been greatly affected by this phenomenon, almost everyone in the cities of Colombia knows somebody who's in some kind of toruble because of drugs. - diagonx Nov 8, 2012 flag
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Sí, creo que la policía está gastando muchísimo tiempo cazando a 'criminales' que solo fuman. Podemos encargarnos de nuestros mismísimos vicios y pecadillos.

Yes, I think too much police-time is wasted on hunting down these ' criminals' that just smoke. We can take charge of our own vices and misdemeanours.

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Queda ilegal según el gobierno federal. No creo que persigan los consumadores individuos, pero es probable que no permitan que los estados la vendan o la graven con un impuesto. Será interesante ver lo que sucede entre los estados y el gobierno federal.

No he estudiado las leyes suficientemente para determinar si los criminales la comprarán en esos estados y la revenderán en otros lugares, pero estoy de acuerdo que es justo traer el problema a los Estados Unidos y no dejarlo en otros países. No obstante, las otras drogas probablemente queden un problema para esos países, y dudo que esto resuelva nada.

No estoy seguro si la legalización causará un aumento en el uso y más problemas, pero sospecho que la mayoría de las personas que lo queiran ya puede encontrarla bastante fácilmente y que nada cambiará mucho. Quizás estudien más los efectos de la droga, lo cual no han realizado bien hasta ahora.

Si he escrito algo que no se puede entender, lo siento, trato de aprender. Gracias por la oportunidad de practicar.

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It's very hard to brew your own good quality whisky, beer, wine, etc, so you depend on other people to do it for you (at a price). On the other hand it's very easy to take care of a plant. I think these prohibitions are the result of the alcohol lobby. If they are concerned about people's healh, ot if they want to prevent them from geting into harder drugs, they should ban tabaco, because that's almost everybody's first drug.

  • Here it is almost criminal to smoke a cigarette. Alcohol is so heavily taxeed I'm thinkingof taking up smoking pot. Pity it does nothing for me! - annierats Nov 8, 2012 flag
  • Maybe the problem is that the one you tried is Moroccan or something; Colombian is the way to go... - diagonx Nov 8, 2012 flag
  • Maybe, some kinds are good just to make ropes - comunacho Nov 8, 2012 flag
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Todo lo que vaya en favor de la libre expresión y de que el estado no regule el consumo racional de productos o sustancias (no letales) debe quedar a discreción de cada ciudadano. Para unos podría ser el alcohol y para otros la marihuana. Más que en favor o en contra de la ley recientemente aprobada, estoy de acuerdo con que el voto de los ciudadanos sea respetado.

All actions supporting freedom of speech and where the government does not control rational comsumption of non-lethal products or substances must be at each citizen's sole discretion. For some it may entail alcohol and for others marihuana. More than being in favor or against the recently approved laws, I support the fact that the voters' voices were heard and respected.

  • Ese es el meollo del asunto, la libertad de escoger lo que quieres mientras tu decisión no afecte a tus pares; aparte de que coartan nuestras libertades tenemos que vivir con la violencia que deja ese negocio. - diagonx Nov 8, 2012 flag
  • Mejor dicho, ¡imposible! - francobollo Nov 8, 2012 flag
  • Amen! - --Mariana-- Nov 9, 2012 flag
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I'm a responsible adult with a professional degree.

I go to work every day and I support and love my wife and two kids.

I don't like alcohol because I've seen it destroy too many lives. However, I do smoke pot occasionally

Should public funds be spent hunting me down and sending me to jail?

Let's focus on real issues and put the money where it belongs, e.g., the homeless, the people with no jobs, the autistic kid who needs special education, etc.

While we're at it, let's being the practice of loving kindness and courtesy toward each other.

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Se me olvidaba: !Felicidades a la gente de Washington y Colorado!

Almost forgot: Congratulations to the people of Washington and Colorado!

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Para mi, el estado no tiene nada que ver con el consumo de drogas, entonces estoy de acuerdo con esto.

In my opinion, the state shouldn't be involved with the consumption of drugs, therefore I agree with these developments.

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Finalmente...demasiado tiempo había pasado en decidir esto asunto.

Finally...too much time has been spent in deciding this matter.

  • Creo que asuntos como este siempre requieren mucho tiempo. I believe matters such is this always require that much time is spent. Some people will agree right away, but others will take years to come around (if they ever do). - RiCrow Nov 8, 2012 flag
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Diagonx said:

Time for change is long overdue and every country needs to take charge of its own destiny by provinding their people with unbiased information, so they can be agents of their own fortune.

Yes, taking drugs, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating high-fat foods, etc., are a personal choice as long as they harm no other person. I believe that all drugs should be regulated to protect the kids from easy access, and moreover, we need laws to prevent drug and drugged drivers from being on the road and endangering others.

Otherwise, it's a personal choice--no need for government interference.

What's next? Making it a law to wear a seat belt in the car? Hehehehe

BellaMagarita said:

Acceso mas facil podria agraviar el problema.

How? Your kids already know exactly how and where to get drugs if they want them.

If marijuana made legal for adults, just like the other drugs (alcohol and cigarettes) it will 1) stop the "War on Drugs" that has failed miserably, 2) eliminate the ridiculous jail time and arrest records for pot smokers, 3) and give tax revenue to the States and not the drug dealers.

It's a fact---Those who use recreational drugs will continue to do so; those who abuse them will continue to do so; and those who abstain will continue to do so. The only thing the legalization of drugs does is give the freedom of choice to each individual.

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I think its their mistake for smoking, and that's their choice. I don't see a reason it should be illegal. however, it should be banned in public areas like restaurants. No one wants to breathe in the crap that people put in their lungs everyday unless they're a fellow smoker.

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No creo que resuelva el problema fundmental: adccion. Acceso mas facil podria agraviar el problema.

  • It's "agravar" ("worsen"); "agraviar" means "to insult" - comunacho Nov 8, 2012 flag
  • What good has the prohibition and war brought upon us?? Legalization does not mean obligation to use it, or are we all drunjards? - diagonx Nov 8, 2012 flag
  • Spending less money on drug arrests will allow more money, billions in fact, to help addicts who want help. - --Mariana-- Nov 9, 2012 flag
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