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la intensidad ( een-tehn-see-dahd' )

noun ( intensity, force )

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1. La intensidad del huracán fue tanta que destrozó la mayor parte de la selva tropical.

The hurricane's force was so great that it destroyed most of the rain forest.

2. Mario lo miró a los ojos con tanta intensidad que él sintió que le quemaban las pupilas.

Mario looked him in the eyes with such intensity that he felt like his pupils were burning.

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When I heard the true, first-person stories collected by the non-profit, "The Moth," I became addicted to their humor, honesty and intensity.

Cuando escuché las historias verdaderas en primera persona que coleccionaba la ONG "La Polilla" me hice adicta a su humor, honestidad e intensidad.

Here is the definitive example of an intense story, "Best of Times, Worst of Times." Bet you can't watch it and not end up moved (as in bring-out-the-tissues moved).

Seriously, that story is so I N T E N S E, you'll now be hearing your inner Denzel Washington say, "Man UP," at all of the moments of your life when you most feel like falling apart.

The rest of the Moth's stories are great in a thousand other ways, but that one video wins the all out intensity award. For more, go to the Moth's website at: http://themoth.org

  • Thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to that website now. - GraceM Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • en primera persona que coleccionaba la ONG "La Polilla@ me hice adicta... e intensidad - francobollo Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Wow, that was truly intense. - GraceM Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Thank you Joyce. - rac1 Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Yo también... me encanta "La Polilla", además "Esta Vida Americana." "Snap Judgement" es bueno también. Todos tienen buenas historias. - mstivers Oct 26, 2012 flag
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Nada es mejor que la intensidad del primer amor.

Excepto quizás el segundo amor.

Nothing beats the intensity of first love.

Except maybe the second love.

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  • " The Notebook " It brings back memories of the intensity of your first love and how vivid the memory still can be when stirred. A must see movie, but take boxes of tissues . - ray76 Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Excellent! - francobollo Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Gracias mi amigo , estoy feliz , y también aliviado. - ray76 Oct 26, 2012 flag
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A Triki le encantan las galletas con gran intensidad.

Triki (Cookie Monster) loves cookies with great intensity. With great intensity, Triki loves cookies. Triki intensely loves cookies. (I mean that he intensely loves cookies. He doesn't love intense cookies.) smile

Plaza Sésamo

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Una vez tomé una clase de "spinning"... pero no pude aguantar la intensidad.

Once I took a spinning class... but I couldn't take the intensity.

  • I see you....didn't we warn you about those red shirts? - rac1 Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • You can also say "pedaleo" but "spinning" has become universal. Good job! - francobollo Oct 26, 2012 flag
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No me gusta el Marmite. Tiene un sabor demasiado intenso para mí.

I don't like Marmite. The taste is too intense for me.

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  • Ni siquiera se qué es... ¡Pero te apoyo! - francobollo Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Es crema hecha con la levadura procesada para hacer cerveza. Se toma untada en tostadas y es de un sabor muy fuerte y que no gusta a muchos. De hecho el lema publicitario del productor es "love it or hate it" - SilviaC Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • ¡Gracias por el apoyo! X-D - SilviaC Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • ¿Qué es esto? - rac1 Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Something typically English. It's a is a sticky, dark brown paste with a extremely salty flavour. It is usually spread with butter or margarine - SilviaC Oct 26, 2012 flag
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His heart was about to explode when he saw her coming. It is the intensity of love.

Su corazón estaba a punto de explotar cuando la vio venir. Es la intensidad del amor.

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Después la lluvia de los días pasados el agua en el río está fluyendo con una gran intensidad

After the rain of the last few days the water in the river is flowing with great intensity

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The artist used intense colors in his later works.

El artista usó colores intensos en sus obras posteriores.

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La intensidad de su amor por él es enorme, aunque, en realidad, no vale la pena.

The intensity of her love for him is enormous, even though he is not really worth it.

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Las horas de máxima intensidad de los rayos ultravioleta es de 10 a.m. a 4 p.m.

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No me gusta estar con la gente con ideas intensas por mucho tiempo, aunque la soporto por un rato.

No don't like to be around people with forceful views for very, although I can stand them for a little while.

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  • ..."I don't like to be around people with forceful views for very long,.... - rac1 Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • con gente que tiene ideas intensas... - francobollo Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Oh dear how embarrassing for an English nerd like me to be corrected in my native language... - UrictheOddba Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Eres probablemente estaban cansados ​​cuando escribió esto. - rac1 Oct 26, 2012 flag
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She sees a wonder, in the distant crash of thunder
In the pouring rain or sunshine, there's a game to play.
Her eyes always wander, in the woods over yonder
Hides a giant ogre, who is waiting for his prey.

Like a young fern leaf, her life slowly unfurls
Everything around her, arouses her curiosity.
Like a whirling vortex, her imagination swirls
And it blows like a gale, with great intensity. enter image description here
Ve una maravilla, en cada trueno y relámpago
En la lluvia y en el sol, se esconde un misterio
Sus ojos siempre vagan por las dunas y el bosque
Quizás haya un ogro esperando a su presa.

Como una hoja de helecho, se despliega su vida
Todo lo que ve despierta su curiosidad
Como un torbellino, su imaginación se arremolina
Y sopla como un vendaval, con gran intensidad.

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Quiero algún día poder amar con la misma intensidad y el mismo altruismo con los que los padres aman a sus hijos.

I want some day to be able to love with the same intensity and unselfishness that parents love their children with.


(Not my photo)

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  • Yes...I watch Univision sometimes, and they are always gossiping about her and her baby-to-be... :) - PumpkinCalab Oct 26, 2012 flag
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El niño sentió sintió la intensidad del ventilador de techo cuando su hermano le rebotó hasta el hizo saltar al techo.

The boy felt the force of the ceiling fan when his brother bounced him to the ceiling.

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La intensidad de la decepción, del dolor y de la furia cuando se enteraron del cierre de la planta fue enorme.

The intensity of the disappointment, the sorrow and the anger when they received the news of the closure of the factory was enormous.

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  • Who are they? - rac1 Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • The 4300 employees of Ford Belgium. The closure of the plants of Dagenham and Southhampton in the UK was equally announced - Castor77 Oct 26, 2012 flag
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