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Compounds words, known in Spanish as palabras compuestas, are quite common. They are frequently coined, sometimes for humorous effect, although not all impromptu compound words survive or become widely known.

Example: aguafiestas (party pooper) -- from aguar and fiesta.

Share a compound word in Spanish Only and add the English equivalent and a picture. Be sure to click on Newest to keep the alphabetical order.

Fuente: About.com:

Las palabras compuestas son muy comunes en español. Generalmente se crean o acuñan en situaciones cómicas, aunque todas no siempre se pegan en el léxico común de los hispanohablantes.

Ejemplo: sacacorchos (cork screw) -- from sacar and corcho.

Comparte con el foro una palabra compuesta -en español solamente- y agrega su equivalente en inglés y una imagen, si lo deseas. Recuerda hacer clic en Newest para conservar el orden alfabético.

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F: ferrocarrill = railroad

From férreo = iron and carril = lane, track, road

enter image description here

  • Acrtually "ferro" comes from "fierro/hierro", iron. - diagonx Oct 25, 2012 flag
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  • I bet both "fierro" and "ferro" have the same root. - LaBurra Oct 25, 2012 flag
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duodécimo = twelth

"Twelth Night"

Duo = double act / Décimo = tenth

It is the only one I can find.

  • In this case is duo (dos) and décimo (diez)... Excellent! - francobollo Oct 25, 2012 flag
  • Yep - and how exactly that makes 12 I have no idea. :) - ian-hill Oct 25, 2012 flag
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A - Aguamarina (aquamarine)

Variedad de berilo, transparente, de color parecido al del agua del mar y muy apreciada en joyería. Viene de agua + marina.

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buscapiés — firecracker (it looks for feet)

enter image description here

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C - catavinos


Cata - he/she tastes + vinos - wines

enter image description here

Palabras Compuestas

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E - escurreplatos – dish rack [escurre = it drains + platos = dishes]

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guardameta – goalkeeper ( guarda = looks after + meta = goal )

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I - Igualmente (equally)

igual (the same) mente - (mind)

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  • Not a compound sorry -mente is the suffix for adverbs in this case,. - BellaMargari Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Igualmente es un adverbio (ment is similar to -ly in English). - francobollo Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Iconomanía is a compound word Margherite, perhaps you would like to try that one? - francobollo Oct 26, 2012 flag
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R - rascacielos - skyscrapers

scrape or scratch the sky - rasca + cielo

enter image description here

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H - Hispanohablante (Spanish-speaking)

Pese a los 45 millones de hispanohablantes, su eco en la cultura estadounidense no es proporcional.

There are 45 million Spanish-speaking people in the US; however, their impact on the American culture is not proportional.

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(Sorry. I couldn't think of anything with J or K)


Limpiaparabrisas Windshield Wipers

(limpia = it cleans + parabrisas = windshield)

enter image description here

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M - a matacaballo -- breakneck speed

so fast it kills the horse

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Nochebuena - Christmas Eve

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paraguas - umbrella


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