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A lo hecho, pecho is a very common Spanish phrase. Can you guess what it means and share it with the forum?

Here's an example of usage:

Ya no te martirices más, Eduardo. A lo hecho, pecho.

enter image description here

  • Posted Oct 21, 2012
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7 Answers

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No idea why "pecho" is thrown in there, but I'd say...

What's done is done.

(It's all water under the bridge).

  • Pecho (chest, not breast) is figurative speech as the part of the body you use the most to shield yourself against an attack. - francobollo Oct 21, 2012 flag
  • I like it. - LuisCache Apr 17, 2015 flag
  • I guessed it , too but too late lol :) - FELIZ77 Apr 18, 2015 flag
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My guess is that it's an analogy to life sending you a hard lesson, in which you take a bad blow, and it feels like a kick to the chest.

Like the 2010 World Cup chest kick, here. Remember that one?

enter image description here

  • I just figured this out and it's a very Spanish concept. ¡Que macho! You've got to love those Spanish men! - JoyceM Oct 21, 2012 flag
  • Not sure it conveys the full meaning of the expression. - francobollo Oct 21, 2012 flag
  • Okay, what I learned is that when difficult things happen, you take it like a man, on the chest. Is that right? - JoyceM Oct 22, 2012 flag
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It is an expression to manifest the necessity or desirability to face up the consequences of any mistake or failure and not spending time regreting about it.

If you make a mistake stick up your chest, raise the head and don't lament.

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Bite the bullet. Essentially.

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Dont cry over spilled milk. thats my best guess

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'Responder a hecho con pecho mofa; es una forma de disminuir la importancia o el impacto de lo hecho. Following "hecho" with "pecho" is a way to mock "hecho" and diminish its importance.

It´s like saying "Facts schacks. I don´t care about the facts!" or You need a badge to enter the employees room, sir. Badges, schmadges! I own this place and I´ll go where I want without a stinking badge!"

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What's done is done

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