Hi ! I was having a discussion with my lecturer a few days ago about what the verb "quedar" stands for.She said I wouldn't be able to use it to mean "to be located" however a few days ago when I was going through the lessons I saw this sentence where a lady was saying it before getting in a taxi . So what I am asking is that would it mean "do you know where it is located in ? " or not ? Thank you for replies !

  • Posted Oct 19, 2012
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Yes, we use it very often and it's correct.

¿Dónde queda la playa? (Where is the beach located?)



As confirmed bye Hokuten, quedar can indeed mean to be situated, here are a couple of other examples:

Me queda muy lejos.

It's a long way from from where I live/work/am etc.

¿Dónde queda el estacionamiento?

Where is the parking garage?

¿Dónde queda el museo?

Where is the museum located?

Queda justo enfrente de la estación.

It's right opposite the station.

Ésto queda lejitos de aqui.

That is a little far from here.

No queda muy lejos de aquí.

It's not very far from here.

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Oh I was thinking, be careful. "Quedar" has another meaning, and its "remain". And we use it a lot too!.

"¿Cuántos chocolates quedan en el frasco?" How many chocolates are left in the jar?"

  • Oct 19, 2012
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