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Do you sometimes get confused by the Spanish verbs 'pedir' and 'preguntar' - both of which can be translated as 'to ask'?

If you do - I hope this lesson might help smile

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  • Posted Oct 8, 2012
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5 Answers

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Ray said:

Si pido por una café , y quiere la cuenta , ¿puede pregunta por esa también?

No, mate, sorry. These two words are used differently.

  • 1) The verb "pedir" is to ask for or to order something. This verb has the "por" build in (same as "buscar" is to look for something), so you don't need the "por" after "pedir."

  • 2) The verb "preguntar" is to ask a question.or ask about a person.

Therefore, your sentence would read something like this....

Si pido un café y quiero la cuenta , ¿puedo pedirla también?

p.s. In Spanish we'd usually just say "Café por favor" instead of "Un café, por favor."

  • Thank you Mariana , i confused myself by posing a hypothetical question , " can one ask for the bill too"? so reasoned , in my confused state , that it would be correct to use "preguntar" - ray76 Oct 8, 2012 flag
  • Nice work Mariana :) - Kiwi-Girl Oct 8, 2012 flag
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Preguntar (to ask)

  • ¡A mí no me preguntes! (Don't ask me!)

  • Ella preguntó por tí. (She asked about you)

  • Me pregunto si me quiere. (I wonder if he loves me)

Pedir (to ask for)

  • Por favor, cariño, pide la cuenta. (Please, honey, ask for the bill)

  • Hice un pedido una docena de rosas. (I put in an order for a dozen roses)

  • Lo único que pido es que no llueva mañana. (All I ask is that it doesn't rain tomorrow)

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Si pido por una café , y quiere la cuenta , ¿puede pregunta

por esa pediria también?

If you ask for a coffee, and want the bill ( account ) , can you ask for

for that too?

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  • Tis true amigo : - ian-hill Oct 8, 2012 flag
  • but ... "can you ask for that too" right? - ian-hill Oct 8, 2012 flag
  • 'quiero la cuenta, ¿puedo pedirla también? Good to see you practicing Ray ;) - Kiwi-Girl Oct 8, 2012 flag
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And if you'd like to practice your understanding of this topic here's an self-checking exercise. Feel free to post your answers here for discussion if you'd like.

Pedir vs Pregunta - An exercise

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Les dejo unos consejos para saber que hacer a la hora de pedir la mano de su futura esposa. ( I 'm your new agony-aunt, Auntie Annie, now that this is a dating site)

  • lol :) I'm sure you'd make a great one Annie! - Kiwi-Girl Oct 14, 2012 flag
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