III. Words ending in “f” or "fe"
a. The first table includes words ending in "f", change the "f" to "v" and add "es".
The second table includes words ending in "fe", change the "fe" to "v" and add "es".
Note: Learn these first

1. calf calves
2. elf elves
3. half halves
4. leaf leaves
5. loaf loaves
6. ourself ourselves
7. self selves
8. sheaf sheaves
9. shelf shelves
10. themself themselves
11. thief thieves
12. wolf wolves
13. yourself yourselves

14. life lives
14a. afterlife afterlives
14b. midlife midlives
14c. nightlife nightlives
15. knife knives
15a. penknife penknives
16. wife wives
16a. housewife housewives
16b. midwife midwives

b. By learning the two tables above first, all other words ending in "f" or "fe" will add “s”, including proper nouns. These are names given to specific people, places, or things and they must begin with a capital letter.

chef chefs
chief chiefs
cliff cliffs
giraffe giraffes
handcuff handcuffs
pilaf pilafs
proof proofs
ref refs
roof roofs
safe safes
staff staffs
surf surfs
Wolf Wolfs
Wolfe Wolfes

c. Some have two forms of the plural.
(The words in bold are preferred by www.merriam-webster.com)

dwarf dwarfs or dwarves
handkerchief handkerchiefs or handkerchieves
hoof hooves or hoofs
scarf scarfs or scarves
wharf wharves or wharfs

If you are not sure how to form the plural, always consult the dictionary.

Challenge: Create Spanish sentences using English words ending in “f” or “fe.