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How do you spell and say Marianne in Spanish?

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I usually address her as , "Your gorgeousness, Mariana , moderator extraordinary".

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  • Why, thank you, kind Sir. xoxoxo - --Mariana-- Aug 29, 2012 flag
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  • Fabulous! Still, I would love if you come soon to keep me company ;-) - --Mariana-- Aug 29, 2012 flag
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I play scrable with her and call her "Lucky" smile

  • Hahahaha! You're just jealous of my Scrabble skills. And, as I recall, you won the last game! - --Mariana-- Aug 29, 2012 flag
  • te toca a ti amiga mía :) - ian-hill Aug 29, 2012 flag
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Marian--Mah-ree-ahn, or Merien if you want to stay as close to the English pronunciation as possible. We call my friend Mary-Anne in Spanish Mariana, Mah-ree-ah-nah

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Here you go >> http://soundcloud.com/yeikel/marianne

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Mariana, Mary Ana, Mari Ana... there are no rules for proper names in Spanish. The Marianne is the symbol of Liberty in France. I love this name by the way.

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I've almost always been addressed as "Mariana" here in Guatemala and also in Mexico.
enter image description here

enter image description here

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