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What spanish word begins with x

  • Posted Aug 26, 2012
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It's really just as simple as looking in a dictionary, including an online one, under 'x'











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There are a lot of Mayan words that begin with "x" that have made their way into our language. For example, in Guatemala they refer to a heavy downpour/rainy season as Xocomil (which is also the name the largest water-park in Central America raspberry).

Naturally, the pronunciation differs, though: sho-ko-MIL.

  • Hola espantapajarito! Hay tambien http://www.radioxocomil.com/index.html :-) - 0095ca4c Aug 29, 2012 flag
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You can easily get a word that begins with X using this site's translation, dictionary device. Type in an X and some words will come up. Click on one for the definition.

Or just use a paper dictionary in Spanish and look through the X pages.

There are very few.

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If you go to Catalunya you'll see "x" words all over the place but they will be Catalan and are pronounced mostly with a " ch" sound eg: xocolata =chocolate, xarcuteria =charcuteria. So most of the shops that have these words then are in Catalan not Castellano

  • You are correct and many of the indigenous groups in southern Mexico use 'X' in their names of places and indigenous words. - katydew Aug 29, 2012 flag
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A los niños pequeños que están aprendiendo las letras les enseñan que xilófono empieza por x

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