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It is reported that one of the assassins who shot Dominican Dictator Trujillo said as he pulled the trigger, ""Este guaraguao ya no comera mas pollito." What is meant by "Guaraguao"''

  • Posted May 3, 2008
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3 Answers

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Ola Cuates--I figured it out for mi-self. The Guaraguao is a red-tailed hawk. So the de la Maza, Truijillo's assassin, was saying something like: "This chicken-hawk ain't gonna be eatin' any more little chicks!" One for the history books.

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Thanks, Evelio, but I wonder if "Guaraguao" has any other connotations now (or before).

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Well, Guaraguao is a barrio in Puerto Rico, so maybe it was a low blow calling him a Puerto-Rican whatever, though he wasn't from there. This would add to the level of insult.

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