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Which would you use with a friend? Would one be more appropriate used in Central America?

  • Posted Jul 20, 2012
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3 Answers

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If it were a friend I would day "te echo de menos" or "te extraño mucho."

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I looked this up last week! it seems to be a matter of where you live.

In Spain I frequently hear Te echo de menos.', but I came across 'te extreño mucho' for the first time last week in an American Spanish publication.

My dictionary says it's mainly American. The 'extrañar entry also modelled 'Me extraña que no lo sepas' for 'It surprises me' etc. Subjunctive follow-on - yay!

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Hi, Lu, welcome to the forum.

In Latin America, including Mexico, you'd use "Te extraño" and in Spain you'd say "Te echo de menos."

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