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Does anyone know what "chulisimo" means? It was posted as a response to a post on Facebook; a response to someone from Spain.

  • Hello, welcome to the forum! We have a translator at the top of the page for one word translations such as this. - rac1 Jul 19, 2012 flag
  • I don't think that the translator would help with this one. - --Mariana-- Jul 19, 2012 flag
  • When I used it, it translated as "very cute". - rac1 Jul 19, 2012 flag
  • Rac, beware automatic translators.. - annierats Jul 19, 2012 flag
  • Well, while machine translation can be chancy, looks like it nailed this one. ;-) - DJ_Huero Jul 19, 2012 flag

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

"Chulo" in slang refers to someone who is cute, hot, good looking, etc., so "chulísimo" would mean very cute, etc.

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Chulo can mean a pimp. High risk word anyway, with many associations.. Best avoided, even if rac says it means cute. It does seem to mean cool in some places but I think we need a native here.. Mostly it sems to mean super cool.

  • I guess it won't be word of the day anytime soon! lol - 0095ca4c Jul 19, 2012 flag
  • Haha, I don't say it means cute, the SD translator did. - rac1 Jul 19, 2012 flag
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Bienvenido al foro dallady,

Good question amigo -a. I've never heard it called slang but I won't contest that. The important answer here is, "chulo" means cute directed to a male because of it ending in O. "Chulísimo" is the superlative form expressing that male is the most cute aka cutest. I've never heard a negative connotation to this word by itself, however, the phrase "papi chulo" is used to describe a "pimp". Hope that helps! =]


DJ ((( d(-_-)b )))

Edit: The most common words for "cool" in the popularity sense are "chido" & "chévere". I just noticed this is involving Spain and I know their word for "cool" is "guay".

  • Thanks DJ, I've actually never heard it, seems it is usually super-cool, except when it's abit attractivly warm, perhaps.. - annierats Jul 19, 2012 flag
  • Well, my Spanish is based on Mexican, Cuban, & Puerto Rican influence. That's what I'm around most, however, I've conversed with others just not with that word. ;-P - DJ_Huero Jul 19, 2012 flag
  • (I can't speak for others... especially Spainiards jeje) - DJ_Huero Jul 19, 2012 flag
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''Chulisimo'' is ''great'' or ''cool'' I speak spanish ._.

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