Does anyone know what "chulisimo" means? It was posted as a response to a post on Facebook; a response to someone from Spain.

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"Chulo" in slang refers to someone who is cute, hot, good looking, etc., so "chulísimo" would mean very cute, etc.

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Chulo can mean a pimp. High risk word anyway, with many associations.. Best avoided, even if rac says it means cute. It does seem to mean cool in some places but I think we need a native here.. Mostly it sems to mean super cool.

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Good question amigo -a. I've never heard it called slang but I won't contest that. The important answer here is, "chulo" means cute directed to a male because of it ending in O. "Chulísimo" is the superlative form expressing that male is the most cute aka cutest. I've never heard a negative connotation to this word by itself, however, the phrase "papi chulo" is used to describe a "pimp". Hope that helps! =]


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Edit: The most common words for "cool" in the popularity sense are "chido" & "chévere". I just noticed this is involving Spain and I know their word for "cool" is "guay".

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''Chulisimo'' is ''great'' or ''cool'' I speak spanish ._.

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In the Spanish speaking Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico), CHULO is used as adjetive, generally to describe a male who acts as "pimp" or "gigolo".

The word CHULO / CHULA is most genereally used to describe something or someone as "COOL".

The examples below will show the difference

Alan es tan chulo (Alan is so cool)

Alan es chulo (Alan is cool or Alan is cool to be with)

Alan es un chulo (Alan is a pimp or Alan is a gigolo)

Los niños disfrutaron de un paseo chulo y divertido. (The kids had a fun and cool trip)

Chulísimo or Chulísima is used to describe anything or anyone that is "cool" or "the coolest"

Eg. Eso esta chulísimo (It is so cool or It is the coolest)

Eg. La idea de Alan esta chulísima. (Alan came up with the coolest idea)

Its worth pointing out the superlative of CHULO meaning pimp or gigolo is not chulísimo but "CHULAZO"

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