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Top 10 Songs in Spanish Music

Here are the top 10 popular Spanish music songs for 2012. Have fun enjoying the music and practice your Spanish by trying to understand the lyrics!

  • Don Omar ft. Natty Natasha - “Dutty Love”
  • Shakira – “Adicto a ti”
  • Juan Magán ft. Pitbul and El Cana – “Bailando por el mundo”
  • Daddy Yankee – “Lovumba”
  • Juanes – “Me enamora”
  • José de Rico – “Rayos de sol”
  • Rasel ft. Carlos Baúte – “Me pones tierno”
  • Juan Magán – “Se vuelve loca”
  • Coti ft. Enrique Iglesias - ¿Dónde están corazón?
  • Don Omar ft. Lucenzo – “Danza kuduro”
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