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Ejercicios en inglés con el verbo to be

Aquí encontrarás unos ejercicios en inglés con el verbo to be. Cuando uses el verbo to be en inglés, recuerda que la forma del verbo es siempre igual para singular y plural. También recuerda que la conjugación para he/she/it es la misma.

I. Llena el blanco con la conjugación correcta del verbo to be en inglés, usando el presente o pretérito.

Ejemplo: I ___ excited to see my friend. -> I am excited to see my friend.

  1. Dinner ___ on the table.
  2. It ___ seven in the morning.
  3. I ___ very tired today.
  4. My mother ___ calling me yesterday.
  5. Where ___ you from?
  6. When we ____ in Spain two weeks ago, we ate tapas.
  7. José ___ happy to see his wife when she arrived last week.
  8. We ___ in the office today.
  9. They ___ happy to see you.
  10. Parents ___ proud of their children.
  11. I ___ hoping that you would remember my birthday.
  12. Ana ___ upset that Carlos never came back to see her.
  13. The children ___ having fun playing in the backyard.
  14. After the party last night, they ___ very tired.
  15. We ___ all great friends!

    1. is
    2. is
    3. am
    4. was
    5. are
    6. were
    7. was
    8. are
    9. are
    10. are
    11. was
    12. was
    13. are
    14. were
    15. are

II. Escoge la mejor contestación con la conjugación correcta del verbo to be en inglés.

  1. Anne ____ happy to be home. [is/are]
  2. We ____ excited to see the play tonight. [was/are]
  3. Yesterday ___ my birthday. [is/was]
  4. How old ___ you? [am/are]
  5. ___ it raining outside? [Am/Is]
  6. When ___ the wedding going to be? [was/is]
  7. ___ you going to work out tonight? [Are/Am]
  8. Who ___ the actor from that movie? [is/are]
  9. How come we ___ not invited to last night’s dinner? [were/was]
  10. They ___ leaving for the movies right now. [were/are]

    1. is
    2. are
    3. was
    4. are
    5. Is
    6. is
    7. Are
    8. is
    9. were
    10. are

III. Llena el blanco con la conjugación correcta del verbo to be en inglés usando el modo futuro.

  1. I ______ going to sleep in one hour.
  2. She ______ heading to NYU for college.
  3. They ______ traveling to the Grand Canyon.
  4. He ______ working over the summer.
  5. You ______ happy at your new job.
  6. We ______ eating chicken for dinner.

    1. will be
    2. will be
    3. will be
    4. will be
    5. will be
    6. will be

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