Por favor compartan sus recetas favoritas de pana. Una amiga de mi trabajo me dijo de pana y me dijo cómo prepararla. Dijo que es muy rica. Pero ahora que la encontré en temporada, no puedo recordar cómo me dijo prepararla. Desafortunadamente estamos en vacaciones y no tengo su número de teléfono. Así que les pido que compartan sus recetas. Busque por internet pero encontré tantas maneras diferentes, dependen en el país o región, la variedad y la madurez. Encontré muchas maneras que suponen fermentación. Necesito una receta, no muy complicada, que puedo hacer antes de se estropea la una que compré. ¿Cómo se disfruta comer pana? enter image description here

Please recommend your favorite way to prepare and or eat pana(breadfruit)? A friend at work told me about it, and told me how to prepare it. She said it was "¡Qúe rica!" But now that I have found it in season, I can't remember how she said to prepare it. We are off for the summer and I don't have her number so I am turning to you all. I looked it up on line but there were so many different ways, depending on the country or region, the variety and the ripeness. Alot of the ways I saw involved fermenting it. But I need a good recipe, not too complicated, that I can do before the one I bought goes bad. How do you enjoy eating Pana?

  • Posted Jun 20, 2012
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hola, quick question do you want to put it in soup or just fry it? to fry bread fruit: 1:Wash the Bread fruit

2:cut the bread fruit into six pieces

3:peel the skin off and wash with clean water

4:put on a frying pan with a small amount of oil to hot

5:peel the pieces into fine stripes

6:fry the fine stripes till brown then put them in a bowl and add a pinch of salt

7: sit and eat.

i'm sorry i forgot how to make bread fruit soup.

  • Jun 21, 2012
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  • Well she was talking about doing something very simple with it, just boiling it I think. but I am not sure how long, skin on or off, and what she said she did with it afterwards. I've been busy and still haven't cooked it. Hope it is still good. - sagiia Jun 25, 2012
  • I also asked a friend from Saint Lucia. He said one way is to cut in eighths and boil it about 30 minutes, skin on or off, doesn't matter. And then just eat it, skin and all if you like. - sagiia Jun 25, 2012
  • I think I also saw on a cooking show a long time ago breadfruit being prepared as tostones but i could be mistaken. - sagiia Jun 25, 2012
  • Muchas gracias por tu repuesta. Voy a comentar de nuevo despues de cocinarla y decirte como fue. - sagiia Jun 25, 2012