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if a man calls a woman "chingona" what does it mean?

  • Posted Jun 16, 2012
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Hola amiga,

To tell a woman she's "chingona" would first require that y'all are familiar with each other due to it's informal meaning. Chingona would literally translate to a feminine version of "bad-a**". Some say it's profane, but I disagree, it's just informal meaning you don't go around telling grandmas and coworkers they're chingones and chingonas just as you wouldn't go tell grandmas and coworkers they're B.A. unless you're familiar with them. wink


DJ ((( d(-_-)b )))

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From the SpanishDict translator: chingón

A couple references I've found online look to be a bit profane - variation of our lovely "f-word"...wait for a native speaker for the definitive answer.

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  • For Mexican American born in the USA the pachucos utilized this word meaning great, fantastic etc. it is still used widely in the USA among Chicanos and and the young raza homies. - Georgecha Dec 22, 2012 flag
  • Yes you can definitely use it for fantastic, it's just considered a cuss word, but really just means a female is badass and awesome :) - gordita1921 Jun 27, 2013 flag
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In a nice way chingón/ona means a really cool person. I agree with DJ Huero. It can also mean that the person thinks of himself highly, etc.

¿Por qué se cree chingón?

¡'Ta (Está) bien chingona esa clase!

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Isn't it actually a shrub in Mexico that has beautiful purple flowers but smells more like garlic?

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