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I assume "orale pues" means "alright then". Does anyone have any other thoughts on what this phrase means?

  • Posted Jun 7, 2012
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Órale pues may mean:

OK, See you, Let's start on it or, as you have correctly interpreted, "Alright then".

It depends on context. It is a very Mexican slang (street's or informal language)

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In Mexico we use when we say, see you tomorrow and the other person replies: Orale pues

  • This is true, but only in certain circles. Other people of a different class in Mexico would use "Ándale pues," "Muy bien," "Sale." And while it may not be "politically correct" to mention, there is a class system in Mexico (disclaimer) - JulianChivi Jun 7, 2012 flag
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I think you have this correct - kind of a way of ending a conversation...especially if it's one you're not too interested in.

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I agree, it's very Mexican.

Órale pues...alright then...see you later...

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There is so much slang in the living language that you will never learn in school or on this or any other website. To truly live in a foreign country you need to learn the slang and the idiomatic expressions as much of the spoken language consists of these. It is like a person from the USA (avoiding saying American) goes to England and hears someone order banger and soldiers or some such thing. You haven't got a clue what it is. Órale pues is extremely common in Mexico and a lot of slang crosses the class barriers.

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