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I want to learn Spanish fast and I need to know, how much time it may possibly take me to learn it?


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¡Hola y bienvenido al forum! I have to say that if you really apply yourself and put your heart into it, you can learn it quickly. There is no substitute for hard work and it is not possible to be able to speak it fluently right away. It takes time and effort.

But some ways you can improve your Spanish quicker is immersing yourself into the language. Watch tv in Spanish, listen to Latino music, use this forum and other sites to practice speaking with native speakers. Even better if you can find a friend or someone who speaks Spanish to help you on your way! You can also try using everyday circumstances and conversations and try to figure out what the sentence would be in Spanish.

As for programs you can use to learn Spanish, this site is one of the best...and it's totally free! I would also recommend Rosetta Stone. I personally use the program and it is excellent for learning. I learned so much within a 6 month period and that is my main material I use for learning the language. Also try podcasts on iTunes. They have a varied amount to choose from! Good luck! ¡Buena suerte! smile

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There are several threads on this topic that you can search for. That being said, I don't know what your definition of "fast" is, and what level of communications skill you are shooting for. To have rudimentary communications skills, it will take about six months, if you really apply yourself.

This site has many resources in the learn section. They are very good, and are free. After some basic study, nothing can beat having a native speaker to practice with. I wish I could offer a magic bullet for instant learning, but it just doesn't exist. Good luck!

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Easy, fast, compared to what? In my own opinion it is not easy but depending on your reason for learning it can be extremely fun. I feel it is becomes a part of who you are in a manner of speaking no pun intended. I find it very close to my 20+ years of music study. There is the theory (grammatical rules) the aural training =(listening skill), the playing of the instrument(correct vocalization) and reading and writing. And just like being a musician, in my case a guitar player, you may just want to be able to strum recognizable songs equal to a travel vocabulary in a language for fun or like myself you may find you love the music and really want to understand why it flows the way it does.

  • I like this and I agree. I find the joy of language to be somewhat intertwined with the joy I have for music (close). It's intriguing. - sinsonte Jun 5, 2012 flag
  • I have always somewhat compared my music training to my Spanish training too. There are so many different aspects to learn! Guitar playing and Spanish aren't so different after all. Gracias amigo :) - MeLlamoWaver Jun 5, 2012 flag
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All comments are right ,this site is perfect to learn Spanish and English .I`m learning a lot in this site ;people are very helpfuI and there are many native Spanish speakers who are able to help you.Welcome to this forum ,we are here to help each other .If you really want to learn Spanish fastly and easily ,the answer is simple :"Think and breathe in Spanish".

Good luck.

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Hola!See it depends on your Interest and your aptitudesmileFor fast learning you can read novel, watch videos , listen songs, chat to Spanish people, SD videos etc. etc . Hope this helps yousmile

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1st of all, Welcome to the forum.. Secondly, everyone learns at a different pace. I personally believe if you just want to be able to communicate in spanish fluently, that will take 2-5 years. This is just simple communicate. This can be faster if you sorround yourself with the the language. Like if you moved to spanish speaking country. But everyone has their own pace. Good luck

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I am new to this whole thing. but so far I have found this site to work really well for me. It all depends on how much you like and want to learn. It helps to go slow even if you don't want to. that wat it sticks in your head and you don't forgat as easly. The best way for me is to just stick with it. Never stop.

I hope you have fun learning! smile

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THANK YOU ... everyone for your supporting answers. Seems it going to be fun to learn with you people around.

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Aquí tienes los sitios que me han ayudado mucho (además de los hispanohablantes de SD) Here are the sites that have helped me alot (besides the Spanish-speakers of SD)

Unit to Unit introduction to Spanish grammar (grand site + test) Vocabulary galore Best flashcard site I've found Notes in Spanish (podcast)

That will do for a few months, in addition to using this site for active assistance. Eso debería ser suficiente por al menos unos meses, además de la ayuda activa en este sitio.

This site also has a good grammar section (specifically the written portion). Este sitio tiene un buena sección de gramática también (concretamente la porción escrita).

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This site estimates that "If Spanish is your first foreign language and your mother tongue is not a Romance language, you should be reasonably fluent with 300 hours of study." Your mileage may vary, however. I know mine sure is.

  • I have probably had more than 500 hours and on a good day I would think that I am Advanced Basic, the level below intermediate. - Stig345 Jun 5, 2012 flag
  • They also misspelled 'literature' in big bold letters - sinsonte Jun 5, 2012 flag
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This site has been good. Like someone else said we all learn at differnt speeds and you have to want to learn. If you want to buy Cd the visual link spanish CD's look good. I want to get them but have not. I also agree with what the others said of finding someone to talk out loud to often, so you can get better at talking.

Hope this helps SRB

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Making Spanish easy to learn is partly accomplished by making good choices regarding learning materials.

Of course, nothing out there competes on price with Spanish Dict, which is totally free.

There are a lot of textbooks, courses, learning software, etc. available. The excellent Pimsleur courses can now be purchased as MP3's, but they are still very expensive. Transparent Language has a flashcard utility available for your smart phone for only $8.00. It is called "BYKI". The pc version of this product is a full-fledged flash card program that you can add words to. It costs $70. The "Everywhere Spanish" audio course that they offer is excellent. It costs $50, and is a combination of teaching Spanish basics and a phrasebook that focuses on various real life situations. I bought this on sale, as just a download. It is excellent, and well-worth the money. However, I found that I had to re-do the accompanying textual materials that arrived in PDF format to make it useful to me. This took some time, but provided a useful learning experience in just re-organizing the material and putting it on my smart phone.

Regarding my android smart phone, I think I would be lost without something called "Evernote". It is a free utility available for android and Apple phones. It is a "cloud" application that allows you to manage big folders of text and picture files, among other types of files. You can create documents on your computer and quickly sync them to your smart phone. Then, wherever you are, you can sit and study Spanish. This is a truly awesome product. I am always adding more Spanish stuff to it. Once you become a heavy user, you will have to pay for it, as there is a limit on how many bytes you can process per month.

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so far whatever i have learnt in spanish is from the spanish-english dictionary !! but i want to be more fluent. so i joined this site smile

  • Welcome to Spanish Dict! We try to be friendly and helpful here. You might want to check out the Spanish Lessons available here. They are excellent and free, like everything here. Browsing the Q&A forum is also a great way to randomly learn things. - Esteban3304 Jun 6, 2012 flag
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