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Mañana tengo que levantarse temprano.

I have to get up early tomorrow.

Thank you

  • Posted Jun 2, 2012
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  • The sentence is incorrect. Another try. - sinsonte Jun 2, 2012 flag
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4 Answers

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Mañana tengo que levantarme temprano.

We need this me because even though levantar is in the infinitive form, we still need to conjugate the reflexive pronoun to match the subject (in this case: yo-->me)

Mañana me tengo que levantar temprano.

This also works, since we can put the pronoun before the verb or attached to the infinitive.

  • I think "tengo que me levantar" would be more accurate. - babs_irish Jun 2, 2012 flag
  • It can only be "tengo que levantarme" or "me tengo que levantar". You can't say "tengo que me levantar". - alicia8 Jun 2, 2012 flag
  • Good explanation! - NikkiLR Jun 2, 2012 flag
  • Me levantaré temprano mañana. - I will get up early tomorrow. - sinsonte Jun 2, 2012 flag
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Mañana tengo que levantar(se) temprano.

Levantar = to lift

Levantar(se) = to get up

You have to match the reflexive pronoun to the subject. (I) get (myself - me) up

Mañana tengo que levantarme ('I' have to get 'myself' up)

Reflexive verbs

An added tip. Make a flashcard of these pronominal verbs. Just grab about 20 and make a flashcard set of how to use them. Just get used to it even before you fully get why. I learned (on this sites chat) to use 'irse' maybe weeks before I had anything why it was that way. Copy the way these things are used, aside from the mindset of 'I'll wait until I have it figured out'.

despertarse - to wake up

Todos los días me despierto temprano. Soy madrugador. (no en serio) - Every morning I wake up early. I'm an early-bird.

Practice these constructions.

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Mañana tengo que levantarme temprano.

I hope you have your coffee. I can't live without this from McDonalds

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Todos los días me levanto temprano. Solamente los jovenes duermen hasta el mediodía y ¡no soy una joven!

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