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I know keep me informed is quite correct, but what I want it's more than informed, it's also give me your opinion, tell me how do you feel about. In spanish "mantenme al tanto" So, how does sound "keep me aware about how the process is going" to say "mantenme al tanto de como va el proceso".

Thank you once again!!!

  • Posted May 21, 2012
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4 Answers

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You can say:

Keep me abreast of all developments.

Keep me up-to-date on this project.

Please continue to keep me well-informed of your progress.

Some people say "keep me posted" or keep me in the loop" which means they want to know when something changes, or when there is new information.

  • Thank you Nilda, but how commun is abreast used?. I mean I haven't heard it very often, could it be too formal?. Very appropiate the posted option,I've saw a lot. - alixi May 24, 2012 flag
  • Not very often. It's probably one of the older expressions. - Nilda-Ballar May 24, 2012 flag
  • It's pretty formal, but would be used in a business conversation. - katydew Jun 8, 2012 flag
  • I´d never say keep me abreast. I´d only ever use the phrase in the first person. - afowen Jun 9, 2012 flag
  • Re-thinking that, I would actually say keep me abreast of the situation... - afowen Jun 9, 2012 flag
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I'd say keep me updated.

Keep me aware sounds odd.

  • Thans, also for the world odd - alixi May 24, 2012 flag
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Definitely say 'keep me updated'.

The whole phrase could be 'keep me updated on how the process is going'.

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Let me know how it's going. (very informal)

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