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Is there a Spanish word for possum and how do you pronounce it? Thanks!

  • Posted Jan 17, 2008
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It is Tequache...
I looked it up and it said El Possum- but my Mex Family have always called the taquaches...

  • T-L-A-C-U-A-C-H-E !!!! You missed the "L" and is "A" instead of "E"... - martinimaker May 6, 2012 flag
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I've trapped (live) several of these things in my back yard. I want to show one to someone who says all of God's creatures are beautiful.

alt text

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the word is "zarigueya" with two dots above the u. difficult to write the correct pronounciation but i think it is "tharigwaya" (castillian spanish) the "i" is pronouncedt he same as it. I may be wrong, any other thoughts out there.

  • Yes, you are right. - pablo4_diaz May 7, 2015 flag
  • In order to get the dieresis (Two dots on top of the U) in your keyboard press down and hold the Alt key immediately with your other hand type 129 for minor cap or 154 or major cap. - pablo4_diaz May 7, 2015 flag
  • So, Alt+129 = ü Alt+154 = Ü - pablo4_diaz May 7, 2015 flag
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Where I come from we call them " Tlacuache" (tlah-kua-cheh), nobody it's right or wrong, just depends on each especific region. Good luck.

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Christie said:

It is Tequache...teh-kuacheh...I looked it up and it said El Possum- but my Mex Family have always called the taquaches...

That's what I learned and called it growing up in San Antonio, Texas.

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I call it Possum.

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My dear friend Q, I doubt that you would look beautiful hanging by your tail upside

down on a branch of a tree and recently disposed in a foul manner.

One cannot look at an animal in isolation , for we are all part of the process of

life, we are all connected and serve to keep the balance of the natural order of things.

In Australia the Possum is a protected species , even though they may eat some of

the plants in the garden , there is enough for all to eat, the worst thing they do is to nest in ones roof space and pea on the ceiling , but that is our fault for cutting down their habitation. Please do not create bad Karma for yourself, someone has to pay the piper one day.

  • I don't eat or kill them. I just dump them in someone else's habitat. They are definitely, ugly, nasty, smelly, mean creatures. If you like I could export all of them to your house so that you could appreciate their role in nature. And how do you feel - - 0074b507 Sep 19, 2010 flag
  • about rabbits, squirrels, moles, woodpeckers, robins, chipmunks and morning doves. I live in the city. I'm not supposed to be putting up with all of this wildlife. I don't have a dog or cat so all of these critters live at my house. - 0074b507 Sep 19, 2010 flag
  • Possums are lovely, but then I think rats are cute too, so long as they stay out of my house. - MaryMcc Oct 4, 2011 flag
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In my part of the world, opossums are called "tlacuache." It's a Nahautl word like Tecolote (owl), coyote (you all know that one...) chocolate (you all know that one too!), aguacate (avocado) elote (corn), zacate (grass), mapache (raccoon)... etc. The Spanish people who came later very likely did not understand the indigenous sounds they were hearing. More traditional spellings of some of the words dropped the "e" and replaced it with an "L"... like Tecolotl, Nahuatl, Xochitl, Coyotl, Chocolatl, Aguacatl... and so on.

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