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Por ejemplo:

"venden sus tradicionales «molas» por medio de PEOPLink"


  • Posted May 8, 2012
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I found this:

About Molas

The traditional costume of a Kuna woman consists of a patterned blue cotton wrapped skirt, red and yellow headscarf, arm and leg beads, gold nose rings and earrings and the many layered and finely sewn mola panel blouse. The artistry of a mola reflects a synthesis of traditional Kuna culture with the influences of the modern world. Mola art developed when Kuna women had access to store bought yard goods. Mola designs are often inspired by modern graphics such as political posters, labels, pictures from books and TV cartoons, as well as traditional themes from Kuna legends and culture.


Is art in cotton..

  • I didn't even read the question, but I'm guessing you were more on topic than I. haha. - sinsonte May 9, 2012 flag
  • haha no I just google it I never herd about molas before - benjoz80 May 9, 2012 flag
  • This is the best answer based on context. I have heard of "mola" before as the verb meaning "cool", but clearly Ryan was asking for something different! - missy8888 May 9, 2012 flag
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molar-rules! rocks!

¡Como mola esa motocicleta!

That motorcycle rules!!!

!Como mola tu playera!

You shirt rocks!!enter image description here

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enter image description hereDon't you means "moles"? this word it's a Mexican popular dish from Puebla

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"Mola" is a slang word in Spain that means "it's cool".

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"Mola" is a slang word in Spain that means "it's cool".

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I have a nice mola with parrots on it. For some reason making molas is big in Colombia, they are not a patch on the originals from San Blas.

Here is one for your perusal:

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