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Lo siento luis sebair con migo

  • Posted Apr 23, 2012
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  • Caefuego has already translated it for you, but just so you know, the Spanish form should be written as "Lo siento, Luis se va conmigo." - Goldie_Miel Apr 23, 2012 flag

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There are mistakes in the Spanish writting... but the text means to say 'I am sorry, Luis will go with me".

  • Además: ...Luis is leaving with me.... - Goldie_Miel Apr 23, 2012 flag
  • Gracias, Goldie. Pensé en "to leave" pero no estaba seguro. En ese caso sería "Luis is going to leve with me", porque aun no pasa, pero pasará. (se va a ir conmigo) - -cae- Apr 23, 2012 flag
  • thats correct - algdnz Apr 23, 2012 flag
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