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If a guy told me I am his "amor platonico" wh at does that mean? How should I take it?

  • Posted Apr 18, 2012
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5 Answers

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A love that is impossible that only exists in the illusion. Most of the time people used with famous people, singers..

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If a guy tells me that I'm his "amor platonico" what is he trying to.say with that?

  • He thinks that you never love him - benjoz80 Apr 18, 2012 flag
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It means he loves you as a friend, but not romantically.

  • that's what I thought but apparently in spanish it is meant to say something differently. - montesa Apr 18, 2012 flag
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Platonic love is that we know is impossible, such as a child in love with his teacher or a girl in love with a famous actor or singer or a poor boy in love with a girl from a wealthy family who will never allow them to be together.

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I guess you could say "like" as in : I like the teacher, she is cool.

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