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My Spanish teacher is really good at spotting when I use a translator, Is there any translator that will perfectly translate sentences?

  • yeah my spanish teacher too before found out my classmates used a translator and she didn't like it. it would still pay to be honest. no machine is ever perfect. it cannot copy the human skill of communicating properly. - kireiprinces Apr 11, 2012 flag
  • I edited the title of your question to be more specific. - missy8888 Apr 11, 2012 flag
  • A translator is a useful tool but it never correctly interprets even what the Teacher says is "Proper" Spanish - bandit600000 Apr 11, 2012 flag

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If you cheat now, you won't be learning much.... even if I knew of one, I wouldn't tell you.

  • Would you tell me Kat? - afowen Apr 10, 2012 flag
  • No. ;) - 00cdfbd9 Apr 10, 2012 flag
  • :-p - afowen Apr 10, 2012 flag
  • As much as you will not believe me, i use the translator to check my translations, i do Spanish to English. But the translator will say i am wrong, i'll change it, and get a bad grade - bandit600000 Apr 10, 2012 flag
  • Okay. Well, just make sure you don't use Translators to do your Spanish because that will only get you more confused about the language. The only way to get good grades is to learn it. - 00cdfbd9 Apr 10, 2012 flag
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You have been cheating. Shame!

There is no perfect machine-translator. Some are better than others but, for the most part, they are entertaining. They serve in a pinch, if you keep the sentences simple.

If you are bored and want to have a good time, do what I do. Find a machine translator, copy passages from "Don Quixote de la Mancha", paste them into the translator. I am in the process (little by little) of doing the whole book via a Spanish-English translator. Then I will waste the paper and ink to make a coffee-table book.

I should have added in the first sentences that it is worth the effort to make the words as basic as possible.

  • As i said before, I mainly use a translator for reverse translation, not for just getting answers. - bandit600000 Apr 10, 2012 flag
  • As i said before, I mainly use a translator for reverse translation, not for just getting answers. - bandit600000 Apr 10, 2012 flag
  • Whoa... the whole book? That's a lot of paper and ink. - quoththerave Apr 11, 2012 flag
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Of course not. Even if there were, your using it would hinder your learning of Spanish...

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No, y si hubiera uno y yo lo supiera tampoco te lo diría.

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I remember editing my friend´s Spanish paper once, and so much of it didn´t make sense. I was in advanced Spanish and she was just starting, and she had used a machine translator. I told her it was pretty obvious.

You have to have a crack at it yourself and not rely on a machine. A language can be pretty complex and cannot precisely translate all the phrases and colloquial sayings properly into another language.

  • language is much more than words...it is culture, people, tradition..."see the box" - HowardO Apr 11, 2012 flag
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Not to cheat your teacher..its for you.

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