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Escribe una palabra que empiece con la letra A, y ponle su significado, tambien haz la tradución en ingles. Write words that start with the letter A, and give its meaning, also make the translated in English.

Aguacate = Es una verdura que se come.
Avocado ** = is a vegetable that is eaten

  • ...also translate it in English". or ...and also give a translation in English. - katydew Mar 28, 2012 flag
  • Do both the Spanish and English equivalent have to start with A? - katydew Mar 28, 2012 flag

3 Answers

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Armadura - Ropa de protección

Armor - Protective clothing enter image description here

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Adinerado= wealthy, moneyed, rich.

enter image description here

¡Los adinerados viven en en mundo diferente de lo demás!

The wealthy live in a world different form the rest of us.

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enter image description herearepa - una tortilla gruesa, de consistencia de torta hecho de maiz. De Colombia y unas partes de Venezuela. Hay varias formas hecho de maiz amarillo o blanco, con queso o sin, grueso o delgado, etc. ¡¡DELICIOSO!!

arepa - a think tortilla, with the consistency of cake, made from corn. From Colombia and some parts of Venezuela. There are various forms made of yellow or white rice, with cheese or without, thick or thin, etc. DELICIOUS!

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