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Hoy en mi examen de español había una pregunta que dice : Mientras veíamos la película, alguen llegó a la puerta (llegó was a fill in the blank which i completed correctly) entonces se escirbe: _______ un estudiante nuevo. I filled in fue, but the answer key said era. I kept using el pretérito because of llegó in the sentence before.

Could someone explain to me why using the imperfect is correct in this context? ¡Muchas Gracias!

  • Posted Mar 28, 2012
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3 Answers

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Llegó was used because preterite is used for a past action that interrupts one that had been ongoing. The person entering interrupted the action of watching a movie.

And Noetol is right--the person who entered was a student, ongoing. It was part of their nature, their being, so it would be imperfect.

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Just to conjecture here, llegó was proper because it referred to a specifically defined action in the past. Era referrs to the student himself - he was a student before and after he came to the door, a continuous description with no defined beginning or end.

Only my take on it.

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As Noetol pointed out the preterite is good for completed past actions, the person being the new student however was not an action but a description so ser/imp is the one to use smile

  • great thanks! I always get confused which one to use for descriptions - casebeth1209 Mar 29, 2012 flag
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