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  • Posted Mar 23, 2012
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  • Funny cartoon. I love it! Thank you Don_Jose for giving me a good laugh. :) - Nilda-Ballar Mar 23, 2012 flag

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Ha ha ha! Cute!

  • Man = A beer please!
  • Woman = You are too young for drinking! I need to see an I.D. young man!
  • Man = Do I need and I.D. card? But, you look much younger than I!
  • Woman = Imported or Local?
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Hahaha Farallon said it exactly correct as usual. The man wanting a beer complements the bartender telling her how young she looks, and she serves him without needing an ID.

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My attempt:

Drinker: One beer, please.

Bartender: You're too young to drink. I need to see your youth identification.

Drinker: Why do I need identification? You look much younger than me.

Bartender: Imported or domestic?

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jkajajj good one

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An example of the saying that, flattery will get you everywhere. I hope he asked for a Negra Modelo.

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Oh Joe , I love that so much , the power of flattery can never be over estimated .

Thank you for these Joe, they are so beneficial for our learning.

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In the second panel, the kid says "pero si usted luce mucho más joven que yo." Contextually, I knew the translation had to be "but you look much younger than I;" however, the "si" (if) threw me off. Why does he need to say "pero si" (but if) and not just "pero" (but)? Does it have something to do with how one asks a question in Spanish? Or are we to assume that he just dropped out the word "que" (why)?

I've only just started learning Spanish, due to an impending move for work, and I would be thankful for any help anyone could give me. Gracias!

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