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Sorry, I know this is asking for a lot but I need the correct verb form to these as soon as possible. Gracias.

  • Posted Mar 20, 2012
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Yo encuentro / ella cierra / nosotros queremos / ellos cuentan / nosotros volvemos / él dice / yo digo / tú pierdes / nosotros contamos / nosotros preferimos and ella entiende. These are the present tense conjugations in the indicative mood. The present tense conjugations in the subjunctive mood are different. For example. yo prefiero ( indicative ) = yo prefiera ( subjunctive ).

  • Wow, I was going to post my attempts, but you answered it. Thank you so much. - Spanish4Chri Mar 20, 2012 flag
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Welcome to the forum, Chris!

Looks like homework; post your attempts and we'll help you correct them.

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If you go to conjugate on the top then you can type in the verb and all the verb forms come up. It is very useful smile

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All the verbs you have are in infinitive! The correct conjugation is almost limitless! (Except "Dicer" which is not a verb, but I am guessing you meant to write, "decir")

I am guessing that you did not read all the directions of your homework. You might be in trouble with the answers je_suis_ici gave you! They can be correct, but they also can be wrong depending on the tense your teacher asked you to conjugate them!

  • Ha! I assumed he was talking about present indicative but you make a good point! It can be in one of many verb tenses! - missy8888 Mar 20, 2012 flag
  • Yeap! I hope Spanish4Chris, reads this comment before he goes to turn in his homework and be surprised, or better said, dissapointed! - farallon7 Mar 20, 2012 flag
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