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I will give the first word that begins with "A", and (today only) the second word beginning with "B" because it means something to special to me. Then you post a word that starts with "C", then "D" and so on. Please put your answer in Spanish, and provide an English translation.

My Word:

A - aleta - uncontrolled (descontrolado)

Have fun!

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• Please include the English translation for each word.

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modismos de colombia

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C - Cacao (una persona de belleza física)

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A - Aguardiente (una copa por favor)

  • This is not quite a Colombianism, it is a kind of alcoholic beverage, like whiskey. What about, amañarse = to get use to something, to get to love a place, etc? - farallon7 Sep 12, 2012 flag
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D - Desechable = Gamín, homeless person, indigent.

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B - Bolillo (policía)

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una yuca envenenada

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E - Embarrarla = To make a mistake, to spoil something, to screw up.

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En bombas=

Fui a mi casa y volví en bombas! (To do somehing rapidly)

I left the house and returned in a hurry.

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