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which one of these verbs can i use to comeplete these sentence? hacer, jugar, prohibir, servir, o vender.

gritar (to shout) en la biblioteca. 2. comida en la cafetería. 3. fútbol americano en el estadio. 4. libros en la librería. 5. exámenes médicos en la clínica

  • Posted Mar 10, 2012
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4 Answers

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Welcome to the forum and I think you're trying to make us do your homework for you with is bad but I'm still going to answer you 1.Prohibir 2.servir 3.jugar 4.vender 5.hacer Hope that that helps you sir/ma'am

  • it was not right i want the constructions with se for prohibir jugar vender hacer servir - shersher8 Mar 10, 2012 flag
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joshua is correct.

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si gaucho.

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