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Here is a link to one of my favorite Mexicana singers. I hope you enjoy it.

Shaila Dúrcal - Convenceme

  • Gringo, thanks for sharing. Did you know they have a station on Pandora that is for Mariachi bands? - martha-sd Mar 7, 2012 flag
  • No I did not. Thanks'. - gringojrf Mar 7, 2012 flag
  • who else you listen to? - Rey_Mysterio Mar 7, 2012 flag
  • I listen to music in Spanish almost exclusively. I found Shaila becasue I started listening toher mother, Rocio Dúrcal. - gringojrf Mar 7, 2012 flag
  • I also like Ana Gabriel, Julieta Venegas, Jenni Rivera, and Myriam Hernández of Chile. - gringojrf Mar 7, 2012 flag

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Thanks for sharing.

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Great singer! Have you heard her signature song?

Amor Eterno

  • Rocio Dúrcal is Shaila's mother. Rocio passed away in 2006. Yes, I listen to a lot of her music. That is how I discovered Shaila. - gringojrf Mar 7, 2012 flag
  • Sorry gringojrf! I misread your first post! I do that a lot lately! - Don_José Mar 7, 2012 flag
  • I bet not as often as I do. Both Rocio and Shaila are great singers. - gringojrf Mar 7, 2012 flag
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Muchas gracias, Gringojrf. Shaila tiene una voz preciosa. A mí siempre me ha gustado Vuélvete la luna.

  • S'i ella tiene un voz preciosa. Me gustan muchas de canciones de ella. Especialmente El Dia Que Me Fui. - gringojrf Mar 8, 2012 flag
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Here is another of my favorite songs by Shaila Dúrcal. I hope you enjoy it. Also Cordobesa posted yet another great song by Shaila in her post. Check it out as well.

El Día Que Me Fui

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And while we are at it. Let's look as Shaila's roots. Her mother Rocio Dúrcal was a famous singer in Mexico for many years before she passed on in 2006. Don_José posted one of her songs in his post above. Take a listen to it and to this one as well.

Para Toda La Vida

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And here is another from Shaila.

dos coronas a mi madre

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I thought I would bump all of these music threads up for the new members to see. I hope I don't get in trouble for this.

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This grouip is cool

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Rocio Durcal in fact was a Spaniard although she sang a lot of songs written for her by the great Mexican Juan Gabriel

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