Hi Guys,

How about we translate some of the most common phrases in Spanish ?

I've started off with some of them, let's continue together. I would also appreciate if the native speakers join and share some common Spanish phrases. Everyday phrases, things they say when angry/happy/mad etc.Whatever comes to your mind really !

1.Take care-Cuidate 2.No worries-No te preocupes 3.That's fine/That's OK-Está bien.;No es nada para que te preocupes. 4.Take it easy-Tranquilo /-a 5.You're the best-Eres el mejor. 6.Cheers!- Salud ! 7.How's tricks, what's up-¿qué tal?, ¿qué pasa? and the answer could be "Nada" -Nothing, not much 8. Come on ! ¡Venga !; ¡Vamos! 9.Hello (when answering the phone)-Diga ! 10.It doesn't matter-No importa; Me da igual

I am going to include more phrases smile ......I am looking for equivalents rather than literal translations. So bring it on ! smile

  • We have the phrasebook for this. - 00d312f5 Mar 2, 2012
  • I agree, but this is more about equivalents rather than translations; having the expressions as a native speaker would say them & memorizing them would come in handy ! - diana8victor Mar 2, 2012
  • "You're the best" is more akin to, "Eres LO mejor" than to, "Eres el mejor." - FigueroaGara Mar 2, 2012

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Hi there, Your idea about these everyday phrases sound great and useful. I will add some on your list if you don't mind. 1 By the way - A proposito. 2 I don't know - No lo sé. 3 It's not worth it - No merece la pena. 4 Too bad - Miuy malo. 5 I don't mind - No me importa.

  • Mar 2, 2012
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  • Brilliant ! Thanks ! They def should be on the list :) Keep it coming..! :) - diana8victor Mar 2, 2012