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I'm having trouble with es, soy and eres. Any tips?

  • Posted Feb 29, 2012
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¡Hola! Welcome to Q&A. Don't be TOO concerned about, soy, eres, es. They are in actual fact very easy. As you probably know, they mean: Soy (I am) Eres (you are. fam.) Es (he/she is and you are. pol.) The main problem comes when you need to know whether to use SER or ESTAR, because they 'both' mean TO BE. When using SER (the one that you are concerned with) there are some good rules to go by. You will use SER with:- 1. Identity (soy juan) 2. Possession (es de me) 3. Origin ( soy de Londres) 4. Nationality (soy inglés) 5. Occupation ( soy mecánico) 6. Material from which something is made ( es metal) 7.Inherent characteristics (eres alto/bajo...tall/short etc) 8. Expressions of time (es la una...son las ocho 9. Impersonal expressions.

I hope that this is of some use. Regards...Jool.

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they are all different conjugations of the verb ser (to be), unfortunately, ser is one of the few very very irregular verbs in spanish. The best thing to do is just to memorize it, you will use it enough that pretty soon it will become second nature.

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Practica, practica, practica.

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Do a conjugation practice with all of the forms. Youll get better fast. You can probably find some on google or maybe even on here

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To be = Ser and Estar in Spanish. There is not quite a "magic rule" to know when you use one or when you use the other. It is practice, practice and more practice! Pretty soon, it will make sense and you will star to get it. Here is a link that can help you with more detailed information, exercises and quizzes! Clik here

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Like said before it's conjugations of the verb ser:

soy = I am eres = you are es = he, she, it is

The verb is irregular in english too, try to memorize them by saying them out loud many times.

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