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How do you say wake up in Spanish?

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  • ''Wake up for spanish is '' Despierta'' - anakarmen111 Feb 24, 2012 flag

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In Spanish is despertarse

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Welcome to the forum, Shac.

The other members have given you the infinitive (non-conjugated) verb.

Here are some examples of how to use the verb in sentences:

1) Me despierto a las cinco de la mañana todo los días. (I wake up at five every day)

2) ¿A qué hora se despertaron esta mañana? (What time did they wake up today?)

3) ¡Despiértate! (Wake up! informal command)

  • Bien dicho. Conjugated examples are always helpful! - RedLine55 Feb 24, 2012 flag
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Hi Shac, for quick translations like this you can use our super-search dictionary/translator search box in the upper-right side of your screen or click on the "Translate" tab. "Despertarse" is "wake up" in Spanish. Welcome to Q&A!

  • Despertarse on its own is the infinative of the verb and means to wake up, when you are telling someone to wake you need to use the imperative command "Despiértate" - kenwilliams Feb 24, 2012 flag
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Despertarse is what I'm told.

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