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I want to know how to say something like, "Stop talking!", so would it have to be written as a command in 3rd person singular form?

  • Posted Feb 18, 2012
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2 Answers

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To stop = Dejar, parar, detener.

  • Stop talking! = ¡Deja de hablar!, ¡Para de hablar!. (¡Cállate! = Shut up!, ¡Silencio! = Silence!)
  • Stop the car! = ¡Para el carro!, ¡Detén el carro!
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If you're speaking to a group of people, you could say "todos a callar!" meaning, "everyone stop talking!" To a person your age, you could use the informal tú command "cállate," meaning be quiet, or shut up. Or you could say "silencio, por favor = silence, please. The verb for to stop varies depending on the context of the situation.

  • dejar de hablar = to stop talking. Deja de hablar! or Deje de hablar! - kkingdrew Feb 18, 2012 flag
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