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I'm just beginning, so I apologize if this is stupid. In Lesson 1.2, baja refers to a short girl, but when I looked it up in the "Translate" section, short is not listed. Should a different word be used to describe a short person?

  • Posted Feb 16, 2012
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Baja does mean short, but only when referring to a person. The reason that short was not listed in the dictionary was because you searched "baja". Since bajo is the masculine form the the adjective, bajo is the standard form and it is what you should use when looking it up. Baja by itself is a noun meaning a drop or fall. But you are correct in saying the baja refers to a feminine short person. The other word for short, corto, is for objects.

For Example:

Ella es baja.--> She is short.

Mi hermano es bajo.--> My brother is short.

Mi pelo es corto.--> My hair is short.

In the first two sentences you use "bajo", since you are referring to a person. But in the third sentence, you use "corto", since pelo (hair) is an object, not a person.

  • I personally would not use bajo or baja to refer to a person. - farallon7 Feb 16, 2012 flag
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Baja means low for the female form. (Bajo for male)

  • Baja California means the lower part of California. When the level of something is low, you can use bajo or baja. I.E. El agua del acuario está baja. (The water in the aquarium is low)
  • When the quality of something is low or not so good, I can used "baja" La calidad de vida en Haiti es baja"
  • I have never used the expression "baja" to refer to a short woman unless I am talking about her "height" Una mujer de baja estatura.
  • You can also hear the expression. "Baja el precio de la gasolina" The price of gas is going down"
  • Couldn't you just say "una mujer baja"? - eltennis97 Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • her hEight (typo) - FELIZ77 Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • El agua ''the'' (???) acuario está baja Shouldnt it be El agua en el acuario está baja (?) - FELIZ77 Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • Ha ha ha!!! Sorry, I was in a hurry! I'm surprised I didn't write more mistakes! It has been a Wild day at work today! - farallon7 Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • eltenis97, I guess you can say that, but baja can be taken as "low class" kind of. I would not use that expression! "...de baja estatura" would be better. - farallon7 Feb 16, 2012 flag
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No need to aplogize. Stupid is only when one has the information and in turn acts like an idiot.

In your case, "baja" is referring a short girl. She can also called "chaparra."

"Baja(o)" can also mean "lower"and "low."

Also when used before "de," it can mean "under."

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You can also add a diminutive to it to make it sound friendly/polite e.g. Ella es bajita. She is small. The verb bajar can be used in many circumstances depending on context e.g. Bajo el autobús I get off the bus. Baja el autobús. He or she gets of the bus. etc.

  • You are totally right ken, the diminutive will definitely make it friendly and even cute! - farallon7 Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • I think I should have just said el autobús rather than del as del might suggest me being under the bus rather than getting off it so I will correct my post. - kenwilliams Feb 16, 2012 flag
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Isn't bajo an adjective that changes meaning if you put if before or after a noun?

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