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hello, i did level 1 at collage 2 years ago and am looking to refresh and learn more :D my partner is now joining in with my intrest for spanish smile he works at a large depo and many workers are latvian and spanish, he wishes to say to one of the ladies that he is learning spanish all i could think of was , soy estudante de espanol, but i would like to know how to say, i am 'learning' to speak spanish, your assistance in the matter would be greatly received smile yours hopefully, Jaime x

  • Hi Jai, I changed your title to clarify. Welcome to the forum! - StuartSD Feb 16, 2012 flag
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yo estudio espanol y estoy estudiando espanol

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Hi Jai, Cooly gave a good answer. I would use "Estoy estudiando español" (or "castellano" if you're talking to someone in or from Spain).

  • Actually, most people from Spain would call it español. Many people from the Americas would call it Castellano. I had this discussion many times when I lived in Caracas. No, it doesn't make sense to me, either. - KevinB Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • Los españoles fueron los conquistadores - The South Americans don't want to be reminded so they don't speak Spanish. - ian-hill Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • Hey Kevin and Ian - good thoughts. The term is politicized, so how and when people use it varies widely. You can always use "español" and be safe/understood. Here's a quick wikipedia article: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/castellano - StuartSD Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • In South America and Central America they will tell you that español is what they speak in españa, so they say they speak castellano. They don't make the connection with Castilla. - KevinB Feb 16, 2012 flag
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Hi Although the above answers are somewhat correct they are not really answering what you have asked. When we use the gerund in Spanish it isn't the same as English. ( the gerund in this case being studying) If we say Estoy estudiando in Spanish it means we are literally doing it now. So if you were sat at the table studying your Spanish and someone asked what are you doing. Estoy estudiando would be the correct answer. However it is not really the answer for what you are asking because I presume if your husband is at work he isn't studying spanish at that moment. He should say. Aprendo español I am learning spanish or estudio español I am studying spanish. You don't need the article either in spanish unless you are stressing the fact of who is doing something, so Yo is unnecessary.
A good way of saying it is En mi tiempo libre estudio español. Nice little phrase this. In my free time. En mi tiempo libre + what you do smile Hope this helps.

  • This is a really good answer. You should change your profile to reflect your true levels of English and Spanish. You are N O T a beginner. The only thing you did wrong was to forget to capitalize Spanish. It's required in English. - Daniela2041 Feb 17, 2017 flag
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Estoy estudio espanol

  • This one isn't right, it translates as "I am study Spanish." - StuartSD Feb 16, 2012 flag
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Muchas Gracias mi amigos :D

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I am learning to speak Spanish

Estoy aprendiendo hablar español, would be the way I would say it

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