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Context: I am working on another paragraph about the animal; beaver.

In reference to an animal; "pata" can refer to both the animals legs and feet?

  • Posted Feb 15, 2012
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Pata means leg in this context, but it refers to animals. I am not exactly sure, but I think that you can use it to mean both feet and legs. However, you can not use pierna to mean leg when you are talking about or referring to animals. Pata is used with animals, and pierna is for people.

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It's sad to see such a straightforward question getting such weak responses, considering the person asking it has been so helpful in the past.

The answer is, yes, when you are talking about animals, pata means both leg and foot, as well as paw, hoof (eh, depending on the animal), etc. When my workers tell me one of our animals is having a problem with its pata I have to have them show me where. For them the pata extends from the hip/shoulder to the ground.

On the other hand, if they're talking specifically about the hoof of a horse they use the word casco. Cows don't have cascos, they have patas or pezuñas, according to my guys.

Pata also means the leg of a piece of furniture, like a chair or table.

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Bandit, great question! In this context it means 'leg'. We have some great examples on our dictionary entry for pata.

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pata o patas es para animales, pierna o piernas solo para humanos

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