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Never mind.

It seems I was mistaken.

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Nice see your "empty" profile amigo. One person had a genuine grievance with the management and decided not to partake in the daily happenings on this site.

No one got "the chop" - welcome back to SD - I remember the nasty PMs you sent me.

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I am hoping that things will progress towards the type of site that was more interactive in time.

For purely selfish reasons ,I feel that I learn better when I interact, but as many of you have said; if the site doesn't work for you anymore....what's the point?

  • hey raider!! You never know, perhaps 'word of the day' and all those other fun posts will re-appear................somewhere else ;-) stay cool - billygoat Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • Gracias goat. You too:) - Jraider Feb 15, 2012 flag
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Era un niño...When I was a young boy I was driving a tractor at night trying to finish a job and one of the back wheels came off. I shut off the tractor and got half way to the house then went back to look again because I just could not believe that it had happened. Same here, I keep coming back to pick through the bones to see if there is anything left...Qué lástima...

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Hi KatRJ

This is not a strike, or people being disruptive. In fact, just yesterday Heidita stepped in to stop a thread that could have been deemed as disruptive or counter productive to Spanishdict. In the past she has deleted some of my pictures, posts, sent me pm's telling me off for my behaviour etc. I didn't always agree with Heidita lol but boy as that girl got class and dignity! She has my total respect.

Ok, now back to your point. Spanishdict was a fantastic site and, in my opinion, what made it that way was the people. The site owners have every right to run the site how they wish. If they decide that the direction is X and the rules are a b c etc then people either go along with and embrace it or taken themselves elsewhere.

My motive is to learn Spanish. I have learnt sooooo much on here by having fun and passing the time of day with some wonderful people in the process.

I wish the people who remain here (and the site itself) every success, honestly I do. I will still browse from time to time, but doubt very much that I will actively participate - because quite frankly, I can't see what there will be to participate in!

  • Hi - has anyone else noticed how many new members have suddenly appeared? Have they been kept in the wings waiting!! - caza Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • That's not possible. Nobody is "kept waiting". - pesta Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • but boy as that girl got class and dignity! She has my total respect.-we did have our differences, thanks a lot, billy, I am not a "grass eater", jeje, that seems to be the problem;) - 00494d19 Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • My sarcastic wit Pesta I'm afraid - of course no-one is kept waiting! - caza Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • Funny, caza. Thanks. - pesta Feb 15, 2012 flag
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I think I did miss something...

Thanks guys.

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Hi, KatRJ!

What problem are you speaking about? Mod members? Hmm... I think you missed something. No member is a mod now.

We are not on strike. just moving on. SD is not the place for us to be any more. Join the lifeboat before it's too late. PM is still working, I believe.

  • join what lifeboat? is SD gonna stop functioning just cause a few people leave? i doubt it. - abayarde Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • Not a few people, abayarde. T H E people. - cogumela Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • @ abayarde - they might stop coming if you stay much longer . - ian-hill Feb 15, 2012 flag
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I'm not leaving to teach anyone a lesson. There's just less reason to spend my time here, when other sites on the web can teach me the same things without the frustration of a broken web service and the reminder of what went wrong.

Believe me, if this site was still worth visiting for me, I wouldn't be searching (and finding) other ways to complete my experience.

  • hiya, can you tell me the websites please??? :) x - Boo32 Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • Now theres a thing and if Pesta complies what's the betting it will be deleted! - caza Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • I use Google. You can find anything using Google. - pesta Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • By the way, SpanishDict's old reference library had lots of external links to learning resources. That was before they had reason to be defensive about people looking elsewhere. - pesta Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • Look here: http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/170484/learning-resources - pesta Feb 15, 2012 flag
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Another one who just doesn't get it. There is no draw to the site for me and most of those who left. This isn't a strike, we've all just gone elsewhere and are doing just fine thank you.

  • So why are you still posting? - jclove Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • jclove, I'm probably speaking out of turn but yesero is a respected member of this community and if he is lurking and wants to post....he can. :) - Jason7R Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • You don't have a need to know! Yeser is a great friend. G - 0043ad50 Feb 15, 2012 flag
  • Well said Marshall - Jason7R Feb 16, 2012 flag
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