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My previous thread on this topic was closed; possibly the title was not appropriate.

I am going to try again.

Thank you to all of you who posted suggestions for the Phrasebook. I apologize if I did not get to all of your suggestions. I also apologize if I deleted some of your suggestions; some deletions were necessary because certain phrases were being suggested numerous times.

Many of you also helped work through the "suggested" column. I appreciate your work; some of you dedicated hours, I know. I regret that there are so many phrases left pending.

On the other hand, there are thousands in there! This is a result of your great help and team work!


  • Posted Feb 13, 2012
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  • No doubt SD will keep this reference work - created by us. - ian-hill Feb 13, 2012 flag

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Thanks Mountaingirl - what I added to the Phrasebook was a drop in the ocean of your contributions. xx

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Hi Patti

Well someone corrected 320 of my suggestions so thank you very much.

I guess are "keeping" the phrasebook. smile

Nos vemos sí ?

Hasta luego


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And I am so sorry that I gave you so much work , how unthinking and unfeeling of me.

Thank you thank you , Thank you !

  • Ray - Never say that you are sorry! You had some of the best suggestions! :) - mountaingirl Feb 13, 2012 flag
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MountainGirl, I'm sorry to see you treated so shabbily. I love the Phrasebook and have benefited so much from your hard work. Thank you!

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Thanks MountainGirl! You have so much good karma coming your way!

Look on the bright side everyone, no matter what happens we can always feel safe and warm in the knowledge that someone, somewhere, is profiting from all our combined effort and hard work smile

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Thanks for all your work.

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Yes, thanks Mountaingirl. And thank you everyone for the many phrases that you have submitted to the phrase book. There are so many there from so many people. It is a shared work like so many things on this forum. Mountaingirl had the monumental of task editing our phrases in English and Spanish and she did a great job, but this whole forum worked together to achieve what we have now, our "Spandict Phrasebook". Will it continue to develop ? They have not said. Vamos a ver.

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Well, as well, we loved participating and helping you help us. wink

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its ok

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