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Pon una y toma una.. -Drop one , take one.

This is the game, very easy to follow wink

The game consists of two words that go together, you have to drop one word and find another one that makes sense with the one you are keeping. You can drop either of the two words and add a new word.

If you are using an adjective, it is allowed to change the previous gender and number.

Please click on "Newest" to find the last set of words.

Spanish only!


Cara bonita

Bonita luz

Bonito pelo

Pelo rizado.....

If you wish you can add a picture, to make everything more colourful. grin

How to post a picture

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Foro maravilloso

  • I will personally post here every day, i will try, amigo:) - 00494d19 Feb 13, 2012 flag
  • Thank you novia , adios besos y abrazos. - ray76 Feb 13, 2012 flag
  • Anyone know how to stop the mail from coming ? - ray76 Feb 13, 2012 flag
  • Unclick the box that says follow. - Leatha Feb 13, 2012 flag
  • I can see that it's unclicked. .... - sanlee Feb 13, 2012 flag

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Frontera natural

alt text

  • Wow ! How do they patrol that border ? - ray76 Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • ¡Buena pregunta, Ray! ¡No tengo ni idea! :) - Cordobesa Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • In a boat! Just like U.S. and Canada ... - Lector_Const Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • What about the underwater guys , they need our two famous divers down there to look for " escapees " . - ray76 Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • @Ray - it is full of cayman - crocs :) - ian-hill Feb 20, 2012 flag
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estrellas brillantes

enter image description here

  • Ooooooooooooo Katy, I wish I could give you 10 votes for Vicent's 'Starry, starry night' ... - mcl020 Mar 7, 2012 flag
  • I will go listen to the Chet Atkins version of Vincent .... - Lector_Const Mar 7, 2012 flag
  • To see the world the way that Van Gogh did would be extra special. - ray76 Mar 7, 2012 flag
  • I love this one! Glad you all liked it too. - katydew Mar 8, 2012 flag
  • Always have loved this painting. Good choice!! :) - katzens Apr 26, 2012 flag
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Debate inutil

alt text

  • inútil (tilde) - pesta Feb 13, 2012 flag
  • No cambiaste una palabra sino pusiste un sinónimo. - samdie Feb 13, 2012 flag
  • lol, que malo samd - 00494d19 Feb 14, 2012 flag
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Compañía peligrosa


60 Vote

foros de debate

56 Vote

Luna Llena

alt text

56 Vote

papel higiénico

alt text

48 Vote

Verdura extraña.

45 Vote

Niño grande

alt text

  • I would'nt want to change that diaper!!!!! - Jraider Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • dios mio - el_nino Apr 14, 2012 flag
  • El juego es malo - Notengonodin Jun 1, 2013 flag
  • La humanidad permaneció tranquila durante varios años, derrepente, los titanes atacaron! - Kanaeizu Jan 25, 2014 flag
  • Actually, this is a movie poster for a sequel film called, "I shrunk Las Vegas". - Esteban3304 Sep 29, 2014 flag
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mujer peligrosa

alt text

  • Hello! I Hope you are in good health? Dear,i wish we could be friendly in good lovely relationship , if you could be nice and lovely, well i do cherish your profile age and distance no problem, send me a reply to my rebecadesmond @ ymail.com - babu4uuu Feb 21, 2012 flag
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enter image description here

Gato peligroso.

38 Vote

línea de la frontera alt text

  • "La línea" between Tijuana, Baja California (norte), México (left) and San Diego, California, USA (right) looking west toward the Pacific Ocean above and west of the San Ysidro border crossing. - Xocoyote Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • "La línea" entre Tijuana, Baja California, México (a la izquierda) y San Diego, California, los Estados Unidos (a la derecha) ver hacia el oeste hacia el Océano Pacífico arriba y al oeste del cruce de la frontera San Ysidro. - Xocoyote Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • Thank you mate I had no idea , i thought it was way out in the desert . - ray76 Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • It does become desert, if you follow the line across eastward, but this view is looking westward. - Xocoyote Feb 16, 2012 flag
  • I should add, the locals call the border either "la frontera" (the frontier) or "la línea" (the line). - Xocoyote Feb 16, 2012 flag
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alt text

Cara enojada.

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Enfermedad fingida.

alt text

  • Wow hat is a new term thank you Mindeen. - ray76 Feb 14, 2012 flag
  • Yo tambien. Fingida = false, fake? ¿Quizas, la palabra "hipocondríaco" es (sea) mas apropriada aqui? - Xocoyote Feb 14, 2012 flag
  • It is always nice to give a vote to the person below you , if we all do that it keeps it flowing nicely. Thanks mates. - ray76 Feb 14, 2012 flag
  • Hi all. I meant fake illness. - Mndeen75 Feb 14, 2012 flag
  • más apropriada (tilde) - pesta Feb 14, 2012 flag
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Actividad peligrosa (y un hombre muy muy pero muy arriesgado lol)


  • He is not a dangerous man. He is a man in danger. - pesta Feb 14, 2012 flag
  • Quizas, tu deberias haber dicho, "Actividad peligrosa" = Dangerous activity. Perhaps you should have said, "Dangerous activity." - Xocoyote Feb 14, 2012 flag
  • So how would you say "man in danger" ...? That would work. - pesta Feb 14, 2012 flag
  • I used "peligroso" because in the dictionary, it had "risky" as a possible translation. I wanted it to be a "risky man" (risk-taking). That doesn't work? :{ - Goldie_Miel Feb 14, 2012 flag
  • Look up "danger" in the phrasebook. Estar en peligro. I would have written here, Hombre en peligro. - pesta Feb 14, 2012 flag
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