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What does ¨ by the way ¨ mean?. Is there several ways to use ¨by the way¨ or only one? thank you people

  • Posted Feb 11, 2012
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  • When used in an argument it means: "here is a fact you do not seem to realize". - cadidale Feb 11, 2012 flag
  • Example: By the way, you were the one who used the car last so why are you blaming me for the dirty windshield? - cadidale Feb 11, 2012 flag

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Literally, it means as I pass by. It is used as a notice you're going to change the subject to something that is, at least, vaguely connected to the topic you had been talking about.

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The Spanish equivalent is "a propósito."

  • es su unico significado? - _kib Feb 11, 2012 flag
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It is a shortened way of saying - while we're at it, or, since we're on the subject.

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Yes, as said in the posts below -- it is an adverb used to introduce a different topic, meaning "incidentally".

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