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What is the difference between "por qué" and "porque"? I noticed that "por qué" is used when asking the question, and "porque" is used when answering. What's the rule that dictates this, and why is it two words or just one word? confused

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  • Posted Feb 9, 2012
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2 Answers

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Por qué = why

porque = because

porque is one word because after always being used together, they just sorta mesh. Just like "because" in English, which used to "by cause", I believe.

Por qué is the preposition "por" and the question word "qué." Literally it means "because of what."

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copy/pasted from the (learn>spanish grammar) section of this website under the topic "asking questions:interrogatives" :

•¿Para qué necesitas $300? - Necesito $300 para comprar un teléfono nuevo. (- For what do you need $300? - I need $300 in order to buy a new telephone.) •¿Por qué necesitas $300? - Porque voy a comprar un teléfono nuevo. (- Why do you need $300? - Because I´m going to buy a new telephone.)

The grammar section of this website is very informative on many aspects of spanish grammar.

  • thank you. I will remember the grammar section next time! - t1funnyface Feb 13, 2012 flag
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