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Hey smile

I have been told it's a great help when you are learning a language to watch tv and movies in that language. I dont have a TV but can watch online. Are there any good sites you have come across for doing this in Spanish ?

Thanks smile

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These options are all free and legal. Depending on your level, you might check out a relatively beginner-level telenovela called "Destinos" that is specifically made to teach Spanish. It's a little old-school, but is very effective. Your school or local library may have a copy. Telenovelas (soap operas in Spanish, typically on every day during the week) in general are usually pretty easy to understand because the acting is so dramatic. Univision, Telemundo and MTV en español also have some free streaming options. You might also check out Hulu's new Hulu Latino. Looks like it's a mix of free, ad-supported clips/videos and Hulu+ subscription content, but there's tons of it there! Hope this helps and good luck with your studies!

  • Thank you very much for these great sites :) hopefully my learning will get quicker now!! - Boo32 Feb 10, 2012 flag
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There are many Spanish movies (with or without subtitles) at Netflix (only $7.99 per month) and is unlimited.

Good luck!

  • How do you search Spanish movie in Netflix? I have to look at the details of the DVD descriptions. Is there a better way to search for them? - JazSpanish Feb 9, 2012 flag
  • Hi! Start searching for a title in Spanish, like "Sin Nombre" and then, you'll get suggestions, more movies in Spanish. At least when you watch them online, they have options for subtitles or speaking language. - 00a4c226 Feb 9, 2012 flag
  • If you order DVD read the descriptions about the languages. - 00a4c226 Feb 9, 2012 flag
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This link has a very large number of Spanish television shows. I particularly like Águila Roja, Crónicas, Comando Actual, and Ciudad K.

Be aware that they are mostly in Peninsular Spanish, though some of them are in Catalan.

  • Thank you :) - Boo32 Feb 9, 2012 flag
  • Just came here to post this, best Spanish site out there. - TheSilentHer Feb 10, 2012 flag
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Alright, Boo? Why not give this a try - A "Friends" style comedy for beginners/intermediate students on YouTube. I loved it


...and here's the subtitles

  • Thank you :) i need to start learning sentances and responces not just vocab! hence wanting to watch tv! - Boo32 Feb 9, 2012 flag
  • A very helpful show to learn Spanish and the show itself is fun to watch. Gracias por recomendarlo. - JazSpanish Feb 9, 2012 flag
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Thanks for your suggestion..... i might look into it.

iv serched a lot so far.... but not come up with a lot and now im resorting to youtube which still isnt any good. I'm looking to stream it tonight! smile

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