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How do you say "they like orange juice" in Spanish?

  • Please use correct grammar and spelling for those learning English. Welcome to the forum! - StuartSD Feb 8, 2012 flag

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¨Les gusta zumo de naranja¨ In the case of Gustar - to like, the form is related to what is liked, not who does the liking! So it ¨les¨for the plural ¨they¨, but ¨gusta¨ for ¨like¨ because it refers to the singular article or subject juice, ¨Zumo¨ or ¨Jugo¨if you are American.

  • Just to make super clear - "zumo" is used in Spain and "jugo" is used in Latin America. Great answer Juanito! - StuartSD Feb 8, 2012 flag
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''A ellos les gusta el jugo de naranja'' So you can say in spanish

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- A ellos les gusta el jugo de naranja - Zumo, jugo and even néctar can be the same, but jugo is more commonly used in most Spanish speaking countries. Zumo is the juice that has been produced by pressing a fruit and has no water added to it. Jugo is the same, but it can have water added to it to make it go further or to make it more palatable.

  • I personally say. "Jugo de naranja" probably because when I think about it, I don't call other juices "zumo" I.E. Grapefruit, Jugo de toronja, Mango juice, Jugo de mango, grape fruit, jugo de uva, etc.
  • In Spain itself, there is only real juice or zumo and nectar which is artificially sweetened. The two are not the same. Jugo is entirely an American term. - juanito11 Feb 8, 2012 flag
  • http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Néctar -- Zumo does not contain added sugar or water. Jugo and néctar: Can contain sugar and/or water. People will look at you with a puzzling look if you go to a place (other than Spain) asking for Zumo de naranja. - farallon7 Feb 8, 2012 flag
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O 'Se gustan zumo de naranja.'

  • It cannot be said like this. Ever. - pescador1 Feb 8, 2012 flag
  • I've heard this expession before, and you are right pescador, it is not a correct way to say it. - farallon7 Feb 8, 2012 flag
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