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What do the words in Spanish Papi Chula mean in English

  • Posted Feb 2, 2012
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  • Papi chula dice armor, papi, o cool padre. - Shatoyia Feb 2, 2012 flag

2 Answers

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This is what Urban Dictionary says: Papi Chulo

Basically it means a really attractive guy.

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Papi is a nickname - Daddy. It can be your actual father or not, like "Big Papi" the DH for the Boston Red Sox.

Chulo, chula at least in the Western hemisphere is an adjective that means pretty.

Papi chula? Should be Papi chulo. Meaning Cool Daddy, Cool guy.

According to the SD dictionary, chula is a wench, or pimp. So that could apply in your case I guess. Lacking context, who knows.

By the way, welcome to the forum. In the future, please look up words in our Dictionary before asking on the forum.

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