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I've just come across the word "orden" (order) and see that el and la are both used with this word. How do I know which one to use? Where does the masculine/feminine issue come into play with this word?

  • Posted Jan 31, 2012
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  • I'm sorry I don't understand, usually I would post the dictionary link but I know you have been here long enough to know to look up a new word. what's the problem with the dictionary entry? - rabbitwho Jan 31, 2012 flag
  • the problem with the dictionary is that it doesn't spell things out like Gekkosan just did.. see his answer. - Gillygaloo Jan 31, 2012 flag

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"El orden" means the order of things: "el orden de la naturaleza", "el orden de los factores"; "el orden de clasificación".

"La orden" means "an order", either an order given, or an order placed:

El oficial dio la orden de arresto. Juan acata las órdenes de su mamá. No me ha llegado la orden para las nuevas computadoras.

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We get to watch "La Ley y El Orden" (Law and Order) dubbed on TV here. That's how I remember which is correct.

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